Let us be the task force within your sales team

Aided with both technical and commercial knowledge of the water industry products and their markets, 4D aims to facilitate the nomination, shortlisting, and ultimately the selection of specific manufacturers by EPC contracts for their projects.

Fulfilling the intricate prequalification criteria which is often required by international EPC contractors and complying with their complex technical and commercial specifications has never been an easy task to undertake. 4D acts an expert consultant capable of helping manufacturers comply and unlimitedly deliver their technical documentation and price offers within the set guidelines and tight timeframes mandated by the bid participants. Most manufacturers are highly skilled in producing quality products, and with some guidance and access to some critical information at the right time 4D is well positioned help your staff fulfil bid requirements and compete tactfully without unnecessarily compromising margins. Closing technical and commercial punch lists especially in medium and large-scale EPC projects is and will always be a daunting task for sales and technical teams; hence, 4D with the specialized skillset of its staff and experience in this domain is able to close gaps and unlimitedly bring both suppliers and EPS to one platform to make a fair deal that satisfies both.