About us

4D is a consultancy focused on addressing gaps that exist between manufacturers and EPC contractors in the GCC water sector aiming to facilitate and ultimately close potential deals. Backed by 30 years of experience in this domain, 4D’s sales consultancy services provide a direct path and critical insights to the procurement decision-making process of clients who are seeking to make deals with credible suppliers for their infrastructure projects. The due diligence exercises that 4D undertakes in its work ensure that the specifications of products and services are met and delivered at optimal value and quality.

Aiming to create value at various layers in organizations 4D provides managerial, marketing, and sales consultancy services to different manufacturing and services settings. We often go about doing our business alongside management talking to staff and seeking to learn and understand the intricacies and challenges each case has. While adopting a top bottom approach we listen, discuss, analyse, and recommend, then monitor and correct when needed. It is no secret that adaptability and transformation in organizations are key to modern business settings; thus, we always direct our services towards increasing efficiencies by eliminating bottlenecks through the implementation of a “solution” and not a partial fix

Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission

to facilitate the sales process between manufacturers and EPCs in the GCC water sector by removing techno-commercial barriers between the stakeholders

Our vision

to eliminate barriers between suppliers and their markets in the water sector by forging enduring partnerships and functional communication networks among stakeholders in the industry

Our values

We believe in making a positive impact on our clients’ businesses by optimizing the value of their money, and consistently striving to give them the best representation of their brand and image

Our commitment

We are committed to always conducting our work ethically within the law, and in accordance with the best practices in the industry while maintaining the utmost professionalism and strict confidentiality of our client’s privileged information